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Ride-on-Mower Insurance

Nov 23, 2017

Many parishes and schools have ride-on mowers for use in maintaining lawns, playing fields and large grassed areas. Until recently ride-on mowers were exempt from motor insurance cover if they were used exclusively on private grounds with no access by motor vehicles. However following a judgement in September 2014 of the Court of Justice of the European Union (the CJEU) in the case Vnuk v Zavarovalnica Triglav, the requirements for motor insurance have changed. This judgement establishes that the area of use of the vehicle is now of no consequence. Compulsory third party motor insurance has to cover any accident caused in the use of a vehicle that is ‘consistent with the normal function’ of that vehicle, irrespective of the vehicle being used in a public or private place.

 Ireland must comply with this ruling and so motor insurance should be in place for all motor vehicles (including Ride-on-Mowers) used in what was formally deemed not to be a public place. Examples are lawns, playing fields and large grassed areas that many parishes and schools use ride-on mowers to maintain. The fact that these vehicles may not need to be taxed does not exempt the owners from their legal obligations in this regard.

Allianz offer a specially tailored ride-on mower insurance policy for parish and schools incorporating cover for third party fire and theft and accidental damage risks at very competitive terms. If you wish to arrange motor insurance for your ride-on mower with Allianz, please contact Allianz – Religious and Education Department at (01) 6133966 or alternatively email the below details to relomotor@allianz.ie


Make and Model of Ride-on Mower

Serial/ Registration number

Value of mower

Cover required –Comprehensive or Third party fire and theft