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Recruitment, Promotion and Leadership for Teachers in Primary Schools

Aug 9, 2019

The Department of Education & Skills has published Circular 44/2019: Recruitment/Promotion and Leadership for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary Schools.

This circular sets out a leadership and management framework for posts in recognised primary schools and recruitment and appointments procedures for registered Teachers, Assistant Principals, Deputy Principals and Principals. This circular supersedes all previous circulars, memoranda, rules and regulations in relation to recruitment and promotions including Appendix D and E of The Governance Manual for Primary Schools 2015 - 2019, Chapter 1 of edition 2 of Terms & Conditions of Employment for Registered Teachers in Recognised Primary & Post Primary Schools, Circulars 70/2018,  0031/2011 and 0015/2016.

Please contact CPSMA with any query on the contents of the circular. The internal arrangements for schools within the Archdiocese of Cashal & Emly, and the Dioceses of Kerry, Killaloe, and Limerick with regards to approval of advertisements by St. Senan's, the appointment of independent assessors, and patron approval of appointments remain unaffected. Please email linda@ldo.ie for assistance on these matters.